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Project for Growth of Medical Technologies

Japan attained one of the highest levels of healthy life expectancy and health status under the universal health insurance coverage. It is important for the country to contribute internationally to the achievement of universal health coverage (UHC) based on its long-standing experiences and knowledge. Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan took initiative to establish cooperation with health-focused ministries in various developing countries for the global growth of medical technologies.

The Projects of Global Growth of Medical Technologies dispatch Japanese experts in the field of health policy, social security, health care and health industry to developing countries and accept health staff from various countries. Through these activities, Japan intends to share experiences of medical institutions such as the public health insurance scheme and promote excellent medical technologies, drugs and equipment. Thus, the projects aim to improve public health and medicine in developing countries while facilitating growth of Japanese health industry. Such activities are expected to increase trust in Japan in the international society and derive win-win relation between Japan and developing countries.

Country of execution of the projects

eng_map_2020.png India Republic of Indonesia Republic of Korea Kingdom of Cambodia Republic of Singapore Kingdom of Thailand People's Republic of China People's Republic of Bangladesh Republic of the Philippines Brunei Darussalam Socialist Republic of Viet Nam Malaysia Republic of the Union of Myanmar Mongolia Lao People's Democratic Republic Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Republic of Ghana Republic of Cameroon Democratic Republic of the Congo Republic of Zambia United Republic of Tanzania Federal Republic of Nigeria Republic of Uzbekistan Turkmenistan Russian Federation Islamic Republic of Iran Kingdom of Bahrain Federative Republic of Brazil United Mexican States Independent State of Papua New Guinea


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