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Disease control

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Our aim

We aim to promote effective disease prevention and control of communicable diseases and noncommunicable diseases, considersing the diversity of target populations and local settings for each disease 

Our actions

  1. Providing technical assistance through field projects
  2. Generating evidence through research projects
  3. Disseminating our findings to global networks such as the WHO and Global Fund

In addition, in collaboration with the Japanese government and WHO-GOARN, BIHC staff members are dispatched to the field to address public health concerns in pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response (PPR)

Recent updates

Dr. Motoyuki Tsuboi received an Encouragement Award at the 31st Annual Congress of the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences

According to the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences, this award was established to recognize young researchers who have made outstanding achievements in the field of medicine. Dr. Tsuboi presented his epidemiological research on COVID-19 at airport/port quarantines in Japan and a systematic review and meta-analysis on the prevalence of syphilis among men who have sex with men (published in the Lancet Global Health).

202305日本医学学会奨励賞 坪井基行医師