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Access & Delivery


Our aim

We aim to deliver high-quality health technologies and products to low- and middle-income countries in the appropriate form to improve people's health in the country.

As our approach, we comprehensively cover the following seven steps: 1) Situation Analysis; 2) Research/Development; 3) Regulatory Authorization; 4) Selection/Prioritization; 5) Public Procurement; 6) Distribution/Storage; and 7) Health Service Delivery.


Our actions

  1. Conducting studies to share our experience and findings with partners in domestic and global societies
  2. Organizing seminars/lectures as opportunities for our partners in the public and private sectors, particularly for Japanese manufacturers, to obtain up-to-date information and knowledge related to access and delivery
  3. Providing information in a way that enhances people's understanding of domestic/global trends

Please view the following video clips which explain the overview of our work and the seven-step approach.

“Access & Delivery” for medical products that leverage Japan’s strength
(with English subtitles)

7 steps for “Access & Delivery”: For successful global extension of medical products
(with English subtitles)