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Publications in FY 2018

Disease control

Research area Country of focus Authors Publication
Infectious disease control Viet Nam Mai VQ, Mai TTX, Tam NLM, Nghia LT, Komada K,
Murakami H:

Prevalence and Risk Factors of Dengue Infection in Khanh Hoa Province, Viet Nam: A Stratified Cluster Sampling Survey. J Epidemiol. 2018;28(12):488-497.

Non-communicable diseases Japan Otani K, Haruyama R, Gilmour S:

Prevalence and Correlates of Hypertension among Japanese Adults, 1975 to 2010. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2018;15(8). pii: E1645.

Major infectious diseases Zambia Tsuzuki S, Ishikawa N, Miyamoto H, Dube C, Kayama
N, Watala J, Mwango A:

Disclosure to HIV-seropositive children in rural Zambia. BMC Pediatr. 2018;18(1):272.

Infectious disease control Lao PDR Kitamura T, Bouakhasith V, Phounphenghack K, Pathammavong
C, Xeuatvongsa A, Norizuki M, Okabayashi H, Mori Y, Machida M, Hachiya M:

Assessment of temperatures in the vaccine cold chain in two provinces in Lao People's Democratic Republic: a cross-sectional pilot study. BMC Res Notes. 2018;11(1):261.

Major infectious diseases The World Sakamoto H, Lee S, Ishizuka A, Hinoshita E, Hori H, Ishibashi N, Komada K, Norizuki M, Katsuma Y, Akashi H, Shibuya K:

Challenges and opportunities for eliminating tuberculosis - leveraging political momentum of the UN high-level meeting on tuberculosis. BMC Public Health. 2019;19(1):76.

Infectious disease control Myanmar Nozaki I, Hachiya M, Kitamura T:

Factors influencing basic vaccination coverage in Myanmar: secondary analysis of 2015 Myanmar demographic and health survey data. BMC Public Health. 2019;19(1):242.

Infectious disease control D.R. Congo Masataro Norizuki:

EBOLA UPDATE (50):  Japanese response completed. Promed mail:

Health system strengthening

Research areas Country Authors Publications
Health financing Ghana Dalaba MA, Welaga P, Oduro A, Danchaka LL, Matsubara C:

Cost of malaria treatment and health seeking behaviour of children under-five years in the Upper West Region of Ghana. PLoS One. 2018;13(4):e0195533.

Global health architecture The world, Japan Sakamoto H, Ezoe S, Hara K, Sekitani Y, Abe K, Inada H, Kato T, Komada K, Miyakawa M, Hinoshita E, Yamaya H, Yamamoto N, Abe SK, Shibuya K:

Japan's contribution to making global health architecture a top political agenda by leveraging the G7 presidency. J Glob Health. 2018;8(2):020313. 

Universal Health Coverage (UHC) The world, Japan Sakamoto H, Ezoe S, Hara K, Hinoshita E, Sekitani Y, Abe K, Inada H, Kato T, Komada K, Miyakawa M, Yamaya H, Yamamoto N, Abe SK, Shibuya K:

The G7 presidency and universal health coverage, Japan's contribution. Bull World Health Organ. 2018 May 1;96(5):355-359.


Research areas Country Authors Publications
Pediatrics Japan Nozaki I, Tone Y, Yamanaka J, Uryu H, Shimizu-Motohashi Y, Sato N, Matsushita T: A Case of Malignant Melanoma Arising in Mediastinal Malignant Teratoma. Case Rep Pediatr. 2018;2018:1306824.
Pediatric emergency care Japan Hagiwara Y, Inoue N:

The Effect of an Observation Unit on Pediatric Minor Head Injury. Pediatr Emerg Care. 2018 Apr 24. doi:10.1097/PEC.0000000000001487.