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Shinichiro NODA, MD, MPH&TM

 As of September 2023



Area of expertise

Global health, health systems, health care delivery systems, aid coordination

Long-term overseas experiences

Feb2003-  Mar2004

Long-term expert in Health Information System, JICA technical cooperation project “ Reproductive Health in the 7th health region” (Duty station: Olancho, Republic of Honduras)
Apr2004-  Mar2005 Chief advisor, JICA technical cooperation project “ Reproductive Health in 7th health region” (Duty station: Olancho, Republic of Honduras)
2008-        Aug2010 Chief advisor, JICA technical cooperation project “Capacity Development for Sector-wide Coordination in Health” (Duty station: Vientiane, Lao PDR)
Mar2013- Mar2016 Chief advisor, JICA technical cooperation project “Capacity Development for Sector-wide Coordination in Health” (Duty station: Vientiane, Lao PDR)
Mar2021- Mar2024 Technical advisor, Cabinet of the Ministry of Health and Social Action (Duty station: Dakar, Republic of Senegal) 

Publication list

■Journal articles

  1. Noda S, Hernandez PMR, Sudo K, Takahashi K, Nam EW, Chen H, Inaoka K, Tateishi E, Affarah WS, Kadriyan H, Kobayashi J. Service Delivery Reform for Asian Ageing Societies: A Cross Country Study Between Japan, South Kore, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Int J Integr Care.2021 Apr 6;21(2)
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  3. Kobayashi J, Aritaka N, Nozaki I, Tabata A, Noda S. COVID-19 control during a humanitarian crisis; the need for emergency response at the Thai-Myanmar border as an alternative channel. Trop Med Health. 2021 May 7;49(1):33.
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  1. NODA S, MATSUMOTO Y. Assessment of Synergy between Vertical Programs and the National Health Systems in the Lao P.D.R.. NCGM REPORT、2012