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Yuriko EGAMI, MD, MPH, PhD

 As of April 2023

Director, Division of Partnership Development,
Department of Global Network and Partnership


Area of expertise

Response to HIV, Health System, Global Health, Public Health

Long-term overseas experiences

Nov 1994-  
Nov 1996
Ministry of Public Health, Republic of Honduras JICA Expert, In-house advisor of health service development
Jan 1996–
Dec 1997
Global Tuberculosis Programme, National Programme Support, WHO, Geneva, Switzerland. Medical Officer.
Aug 1999–
Feb 2002
JICA Yemen TB Control Project III, Republic of YEMEN Chief Advisor.

May 2002–
Aug 2004
JICA Bangladesh Human Resources Development in Reproductive Health Project, People’s Republic of Bangladesh Team Leader/Chief Advisor
Oct 2005–
Jan 2009
World Health Organization, Pakistan Medical Officer, Stop Tuberculosis

Dec 2009–
Directorate of Planning and Budgeting, Ministry of Health, Indonesia

July 2012–
Feb 2015
JICA Project for Improving Maternal and Neonatal Care through Midwifery Capacity Development, Kingdom of Cambodia Chief Advisor
July 2017–
July 2020
Ministry of Health and Social Action, Senegal JICA Expert, In-house advisor of health policy

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